Inert Gas Oven 

IGO Inert Gas Oven - TC Machinery

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  • With Honeywell pressure sensor for explode-proof

  • Flame-proof door is equipped

  • Use North American gas burner for high safety, stability and efficiency

  • Use world class brand Honywell or Yamatake gas safety device

  • Productivity: 3000 ~ 5000 panels/2.5 ~ 3.0 hours

  • Both natural gas and LPG are applicable

  • High strength Stainless Steel structure for machine:
            a) Machine frame material: SUS 304, thickness: 6mm
            b) Outer cover on machine frame: SUS 304, thickness: 1.6mm
            c) Machine frame bottom material: SUS 304, thickness: 8mm

  • Applicable for both positive and negative panels

  • Two steps temperature control (Optional)

  • With temperature and O2 content encoder (Optional)

  • Use oxygen analyzer ALBION or KOMYO

  • Easy maintenance

  • After drying, water content of plates will be  less than 0.6%, lead oxidation (PbO) increase rate will be less than 3%

  • Electrical source: 3p, voltage & frequency is subject to client's demand.              

  • Applied horsepower:                                                                             

  • Circulatory blower: 30HP (22.5KW)

  • Fanner for gas burner: 3HP (2.25KW)

  • Water Inlerting pump: 1HP (0.75KW)

  • Water draining pump: 2HP (1.50KW)

  • Gas burner burning ability: 120,000 Kcal/hr, LPG using amount is about 8 kgs per hour

  • Machine Size : 3700mm(L) x 2200mm(W) x 2650mm(H), 4,800 kgs

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