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Intelligent Li-Pack Assembly Line



  • Intelligent Li-Pack Assembly Line

  • The fastest speed up to 240 cells per minute.

  • The highest compatibility for cell packs with different sizes cells and specifications.

  • Whole production line (cell-module-pack) is less than 50m.

  • Reconfiguration for change of products can be switched over in half an hour, the fastest in the world.

  • Double/multiply work station for pack spot welding giving redundancy during maintenance allowing the production line to keep running.

  • Automated from cell up loading to module completion.

  • Sort cells into a capacity levels and any cell outside the range will be removed from the line.

  • Intelligent production: receipt management, information tracking, data tracking.

  • Spot welding monitoring during the whole process

  • to check for any suspect spot welds.

  • CCD detection, laser code writing, robot positioning etc.

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