Lab Charger/Discharger

Lab Charger/Discharger - TC Machinery

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  • Operation Mode: CC, FV, V/T, LV, VTE, HOLD, PC, CP, REPEAT

  • Operation Protection: AC input NFB, high speed fuse, lack fuse detect, surge absorption, reverse polarity, detect, soft start, over current detect, open load detection

  • Step Change Condition: Time, end voltage

  • Data Record Time: 1 second/64CH   

  • System Protection: Communication real time monitor

  • Data Record: Operation parameter, operation data, data curve

  • Ambient: 0 ~ 40°C

  • Customized voltage & current as per variety of requirement

  • Function: Battery life cycle test and capacity test

  • Series of automatic operation procedures are settable by Micro Computer Control

  • Machine could cooperate with PC software to record real time operation data

  • In case of sudden power off, machine could memorize operation status, and resume

  • working automatically after power is on 

  • Dual control system by PC or Micro Computer Controller

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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