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COS (Cast On Strap)

COS (Cast On Strap) - TC Machinery


  • Driven by Mitsubishi, Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC

  • Servo control robot arm and mold transmission

  • Easy setting and precise control touch panel

  • Step by step control by timing setting for each movement

  • Melting pot pre-heating system

  • Reserved exhaust vent for fume extraction

  • Efficient circulation water cooling system with chiller

  • Auto release agent sprayer with spray interval setting and adjustable spray volume

  • Leveling sensor on melting pot for monitoring lead level

  • Lead dross filter applied on COS mold

  • Precise temperature monitor on melting pot

  • Safety light curtain is applied for personnel safety

  • Rapid battery changeover by one click on touch panel

  • With strap brushing after COS process

  • Productivity: 5 pcs/min

COS (Cast On Strap) - TC Machinery
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