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Additives & Raw Materials For Lead-Acid Battery 

Sodium Sulfate - TC Machinery

Sodium Sulfate

  • Reagent highest quality additive for electrolyte of VRLA battery

  • Amazing improvement in self-discharging and charging characteristic

Barium Sulfate - TC Machinery

Barium Sulfate

  • For Negative paste

  • Average particle size of 0.3 μm

  • Impurity material such as Fe, Mn, Na are much less than other brand of BaSO4

  • Dramatic improvement in sulfation and self-discharging.

  • Outstanding improvement in battery deep discharging ability for developing advanced lead acid battery and I.S.S. battery

Cork Powder 200 Mesh Type - TC Machinery

Cork Powder 200 Mesh Type

  • Purity cork powder with 200 mesh type 

  • Inevitable additive of mold releasing agent for grid casting process


Colloidal Silia

  • Bindzil products perform the following functions in the battery:
    * Gelling - solidifying the electrolyte
    * Gel cracking - enabling oxygen transport

PP Filber Flock - TC Machinery

PP Filber Flock 

  • For positive paste

  • 3mm length type P.P. fiber

Tetra L2.jpeg

Tctetra L2

  • Tctetra is fine particle size of tetra-basic lead sulfate, working like a “Seed” in the
    positive plate to promote a high tetrabasic conversion and getting small and uniform
    tetra-basic crystal.

Aluminum Foil - TC Machinery

Aluminum Foil

  • Surlyn Type: S-303835

  • Customized on foil width

  • Low cost & patent printing service is available

Silicon Rubber Sheet - TC Machinery

Silicon Rubber Sheet 

  • To seal vents of Dry Charged Battery with aluminum foil to prevent from oxidization

  • Comparing to ordinary sealing pad, the silicon rubber sheet could enhance sealing strength

Bolt/Nut/Washer - TC Machinery


  • For terminal mounting

  • With special treatment for high corrosion durability



  • Milky White Powder


Monoaluminum phosphate

  • Assist of Cork Spray Model Monoaluminum phosphate is useful to improve productivity of casting thick grid per shift and refrain from grid weight increasing and further, one touch up of cork spraying last for long hours operation.

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