Additives & Raw Materials For Lead-Acid Battery 

Sodium Sulfate - TC Machinery

Sodium Sulfate

  • Reagent highest quality additive for electrolyte of VRLA battery

  • Amazing improvement in self-discharging and charging characteristic

Barium Sulfate - TC Machinery

Barium Sulfate

  • For Negative paste

  • Average particle size of 0.3 μm

  • Impurity material such as Fe, Mn, Na are much less than other brand of BaSO4

  • Dramatic improvement in sulfation and self-discharging.

  • Outstanding improvement in battery deep discharging ability for developing advanced lead acid battery and I.S.S. battery

Cork Powder 200 Mesh Type - TC Machinery

Cork Powder 200 Mesh Type

  • Purity cork powder with 200 mesh type 

  • Inevitable additive of mold releasing agent for grid casting process

Graphite - TC Machinery


  • Increase battery capacity by more than 20%

  • Amazing effect on VRLA high capacity stationary battery, automotive battery, and I.S.S. battery

PP Filber Flock - TC Machinery

PP Filber Flock 

  • For positive paste

  • 3mm length type P.P. fiber

Magnesium Sulfate - TC Machinery

Magnesium Sulfate 

  • Reagent highest quality additive for electrolyte of stationary VRLA type battery

  • Outstanding improvement in self-discharge and charging characteristic

  • Without material “Na” which could cause corrosion to fulfill long life requirement of VRLA stationary battery or similar battery categories

Aluminum Foil - TC Machinery

Aluminum Foil

  • Surlyn Type: S-303835

  • Customized on foil width

  • Low cost & patent printing service is available

Silicon Rubber Sheet - TC Machinery

Silicon Rubber Sheet 

  • To seal vents of Dry Charged Battery with aluminum foil to prevent from oxidization

  • Comparing to ordinary sealing pad, the silicon rubber sheet could enhance sealing strength

Bolt/Nut/Washer - TC Machinery


  • For terminal mounting

  • With special treatment for high corrosion durability