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Tctetra is fine particle size of tetra-basic lead sulfate, working like a “Seed” in the
positive plate to promote a high tetrabasic conversion and getting small and uniform
tetra-basic crystal.

It’s popularly used by lots of battery factories for various applications, especially
deep-cycled battery, typical customers are Trojan, Exide, Crown, U.S. Battery, C&D etc.

With high temperature curing, you can also get high conversion of tetra-basic lead sulfate.

Benefits of using it in positive plates:
* Cost savings
* Crystal is much smaller and much more uniform.
* Less time and energy used for formation of tetra basic cured plates
* No limitation for batch mixing temperatures
* Plate mass reductions
* Performance improvements
* Improved porosity - Cold Cranking Amps
* Small uniform particles - Capacity
* Less internal resistance - Charge Acceptance
* Greater grid adhesion - Longer Lifetime


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