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Automatic Winding Machine



  • Production speed:                                                                                  1. Model: 26650 10 PCS per minute                                                                 2. Model: 18650 18 PCS per minute 

  • This machine uses three axes of the needle roll winding for winding diameter ψ18 ~ 26mm, length 60mm cylindrical J / R can also produce according to customer needs other size.

  • Positive and negative electrode and separator tension using digital proportional valves, servo motor control discharge, adjustable 0.2 ~ 4KG tension range.

  • Positive and negative electrode overlap each headed by a group of EPC control electrode plate traveling track.

  • Sealing tape can be set to tape length, position, with a smooth paste.

  • The auto J/R unloading mechanism ensures the J/R and tab intact.

  • Touch-screen input commands and settings can make changes to the winding speed and number of turns, and mechanical failure of the state to display each checkpoint condition.

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