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Assist of Cork Spray Model Monoaluminum phosphate is

useful to improve productivity of casting thick grid per shift
and refrain from grid weight increasing and further, one
touch up of cork spraying last for long hours operation.

Before mix the powder of Mono aluminum phosphate with cork powder, the powder
of mono aluminum phosphate have to mix with soft-water to make 50% solution and
filter (mesh filter) to take out some impurities when make 50% solution.
After the cork powder is mixing with warmed water, Mono aluminum added on that
cork liquid and must be mixed well. Sodium Silicate is added and mixed well.
◎ Do not mix Mono aluminum Phosphate and Sodium Silicate at the same time.
◎ Do not leave the mixed cork liquid after preparration for long time before grid casting
and we recommend to use that cork spray within 12 hours

Specifications :

Mixing Ratio with Cork Powder:

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