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Automatic Grid Panel Slitting/Lug Brushing Machine

Automatic Grid Panel Slitting Lug Brushing Machine - TC Machinery

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  • 2 slitter at X axis; 5 slitter at Y axis

  • Productivity: 25 ~ 30 panels/min

  • Adjustable transmission speed by inverter

  • Workable range of grid panel size: as per customer's panel design 

  • Double input detection

  • Panel input with vacuum system

  • Bring benefit of less scrap, air pollution and noise

  • Precise plate size after slitting & brushing (double sides)

  • High strength material and very stable structure for main frame

  • Easy maintenance & set-up

  • Equipped with safety system and scrubber connection reserved

  • Machine dimension : 6,900mm(L) x 2,900mm(W) x 1,800mm(H)

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