Automatic Grid Frame Casting Machine

Automatic Grid Frame Casting Machine- TC Machinery

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  • Mechanically operated gravity operation

  • Electrical or gas type furnace

  • Capacity of furnace: 1300 kgs

  • Applicable grid casting range per panel

                  a) Width: 160 ~ 325mm
                  b) Height: 80 ~ 170mm
                  c) Thickness: 1.2 ~ 5.0mm

  • Equipped with scrap recycling system

  • Separated cylinder for mold open-close & ejector

  • Adjustable trim die or fixed trim die

  • Casting efficiency via precise and gentle temperature control on:

                  a) Fixed & moved mold
                  b) Mold gate
                  c) Ladle

  • Productivity: 8 - 16 panels per minutes

  • Preheating device for lead furnace and mold

  • Dross control via gas shielding, ladle covers, and drip scraper

  • Applied horsepower:

                  a) Main machine: 2HP
                  b) Dross recycling system: 1/2 HP

  • Heater used:

                  a) Lead melting furnace: 22.5kw
                  b) Lead ladle: 2.7kw
                  c) Mould: 5.2kw

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