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Intercell Welding & Short Circuit Testing Machine for AMB

Intercell Welding Machine For Automotive Battery - TC Machinery

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  • Capable to work 1x6 & 2x3 layout

  • Individual hydraulic system with 80KVA transformer on each station

  • 3 axis servo control welding head

  • Close-loop cooling water circulation on welding jaw, transformer, SCR & oil tank

  • Temp. control on jaw, SCR, & oil tank

  • Connector/Flag alignment system

  • Rigid roller conveyor with battery central system to avoid scratch

  • HMI Control with receipt memory

  • Easy change-over

  • Integrated operation safety system

  • Short test tooling could be universal type or individual model

  • Defected battery alarm with cell indication

  • Equipped with rejection station

  • Equipped with auto-stop at no feeding and auto-start at re-feeding system

  • Welding controller

  • current monitor

  • Advanced Element Tester with peak 3,000 testing volts

  • At short test, testing probe no contact detection


  • Mounted load cell to check hydraulic cylinder output pressure

  • Proportional valve + electric ruler

  • Chain conveyor system

  • Implementation of production traceability

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