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Heat Sealing Machine ​For AMB

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Heat Sealing Machine.jpg


  • Production Capability => 4~4.5 batt./min (below N70)

  • Production Capability => 3 batt./min (N100 up)

  • Capable to work 1x6 & 2x3 layout

  • Servo solution (controlling melting depth and speed)

  • HMI Control with number of recipes

  • Easy change-over different models by tooling

  • Flatness of heaten plate: ±0.1

  • Tolerance of temperature on heaten plate: 0.03%

  • PDI control for the temperature

  • Integrated operation safety system

  • Sealing tooling could be one piece or changeable design

  • Equipped with heater failure indicator

  • 12 PCS of 750W heater are equipped on heaten plate

  • Equipped with pre-heating clock

  • Equipped with auto-stop at no feeding and auto-start at re-feeding system

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