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Fully Automatic Acid Leveling and Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Acid Level Adjustment And Filling Machine - TC Machinery

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  • Driven by Mitsubishi, Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC

  • Acid filling volume and vacuum volume are controlled by time setting

  • Acid proof, high strength material, and stable structure for frame

  • 3 acid filling steps are settable

  • Easy setting and precise control touch panel

  • Filling volume is adjustable individually on each cell.

  • Gravity filling with tube sensor leveling

  • Applicable for all type of battery and no need tooling changeover

  • Easy nozzle position setting

  • Networkable PLC control

  • Customized design as per customers demand

  • Fast after-sales service system

  • Easy maintenance

  • Acid tank refilling unit: pneumatic diaphragm pump model ARO-15

  • Acid vacuum unit: water sealing vacuum pump

  • Acid vacuum and acid refilling could work individually

  • Acid filling volume and vacuum volume is adjustable independently for each cell

  • Cycle time: 12 ~ 15 seconds per battery

  • Motorized roller conveyor equipped with inverter, gear reducer, and brake clutch

  • Material:
           a) Machine main frame: SUS316
           b) Acid tank: PVC
           c) Control panel: SUS304
           d) Vacuum pump: SUS316
           e) Filling head positioning tooling: SUS316 AND non-metal material
           f) Filling tube: PVC OR ABS (6 PCS)
           g) Conveyor roller: SUS316 WITH SUS402 bearings
           h) Roller running gear & chain: steel (with protection on top)

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