Automatic Lead Parts Casting Machine

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  • Production Cycle => 25~45 sec

  • Capable to cast solid or hollow lead components

  • With max. 20 cavities for MCB connector

  • 3 mold opening/releasing direction

  • Application of hydraulic cylinder on mold open/close

  • 2 individual Temp. controller on melting pot & ladle

  • 3 individual Temp. controller on mold

  • Temp. level sensor on small ladle level control

  • Water cooling or pneumatic cooling

  • HMI control with smart operation sequence monitor with failure indication

  • Easy change-over

  • Double sides ejection system

  • 4 shafts design to give firm mold close condition to avoid flash

  • Auto wasted lead recycling conveyor

  • Vent bar is applied in mold to give better lead flow

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