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TC-MCE-SEMtest Series


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TC-MCE-Semtest is suitable for the formation process required in the production of lead-acid battery. It introduces the discharged energy recycling feature that allows as much as 97% of the electrical energy produced during discharge to be recycled and then supply the energy needed for the charge process, even returned to the grid to provide electricity for other utilities within the factory site. This design greatly reduces the battery production cost and the energy recovery can effectively reduce the temperature rise in the plant, improving the comfort for the operators on-site. To optimize energy use, smart energy management system can be added to monitor the real-time production information at the factory site and obtain important notification and the best scheduling recommendations.

  • Support DC-DC and DC-AC energy recovery, with an efficiency up to 97%

  • When the system is at full load, power factor>99%

  • System load of more than 30%, the total harmonic distortion (THD) <3%

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