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Case Formation 

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  • This system is assembled by 6 circuits, each circuit can be controlled, operated, and directed independently.

  • Application: Charge and discharge batteries for unformed or formed plates.

  • This system is edited, started/stopped, and displayed by a touch panel.
    (1).Each circuit can be set 10 steps at most and each step can freely set charging / discharging / hold, working current, and working time (0~99H59M59S, settable.) to achieve continually automatic process.
    (2).User can edit and save 56 programs in advance. Just call the wanted program and check again before starting up.
    (3).During operation, the monitor can show the information including executing program number, step, status(CH. DISCH. or Hold), remaining operation time(xxHR, xxMIN, xxSEC), and voltage/current of each circuit.

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