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Integrated Coating and Calender Machine


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  • The machine combines coating machine with press machine. It is designed for the universities, R & D institutes and material companies manufacturing small batteries, button batteries and testing materials. The integrated machine without unwinder and rewinder of press machine is controlled with one system. With smaller size and simple control system the coating and pressing process can be completed easier by one charging.

  • High-precision coating roll and back roll (Ф120 mm) are supported with imported bearing unit mounted in the independent bearing chuck. The coating roll is driven by the imported servo motor and reducer.

  • Clearance adjusting between scraper and coating roll

    • The comma scraper (Ф80mm) is supported on the adjustable stand \mounted on the guide way.

    • The clearance between scraper and coating roll is adjusted manually with linear guide way and liftable block (The adjusting accuracy can be tested with the micrometers and adjusted accordingly).

    • The high-precision heating press machine can test the materials under.

  • Cold and hot pressing condition.

  • For the testing and evaluating of battery materials in the laboratory the integrated machine can coat and calender battery electrode accurately as per designed process and improve the accuracy of test data.

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