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Calender Machine - TCLDHY400-N45


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  • Single motor drives the helical gear reducer (hard tooth face) through gears. PLC and touch screen are adopted for control system (suitable for roll gap adjusting by servo motor) or PLC and control panel (suitable for roll gap adjusting by ratchet handle).

  • Compressing: by air-liquid booster pump and underneath type oil cylinder;

  • Roll gap adjusting: automatically adjusted by servo motor driving middle slide wedge or manually adjusted by ratchet handle driving middle slide wedge.

  • Top-and-bottom roll arrangement. Square-shape casting stands. Special bearing for high precision mills and bearing clearance eliminating device.

  • Unwinder, rewinder, dust collecting for trimming process, damping device are designed for continuous rolling process. The roll self-unloader is easy operated for roll changing.

  • Options for continuous rolling process: S roll preheating device, thickness tester, splicing platform.

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