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TCMCL2 Series

MCL Plus

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TCMCL2 is applicable to all kinds of lithium battery research and testing. It helps researchers to accurately learn the battery characteristics and speed up the battery verification. It has high accuracy and powerful analytical capabilities for data post-production.

  • The customized specifications can reach up to 800V/800A

  • 0.02% high accuracy; 1ms rapid data recording

  • A highly scalable test software that can integrate BMS data collector, chamber and other external modules

  • A variety of built-in DCIR, pulse charge/discharge and other international testing standards

  • Provide a variety of value-added modules to meet customer requirements

±0.02% F.S.


SMBus, I2C, HDQ,

CANBus, ModBus

FUDS, DST, Customized



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