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The world new extraordinary powerful Short Circuit Test controller is designing for mission critical testing for lead acid battery by TC Machinery Co., Ltd (TC).


TC is going to launch a brand new Short Circuit Test controller: TC-SCT is more powerful than the rest of controllers in the market. The new powerful TC-SCT is not only testing formed battery but also has outstanding features such as:


  • Testing formed, unformed battery

  • Self BDV tester

  • Detecting Moisture Plate Condition

  • Real Waveform display

  • Output Voltage : 0.1 ~ 6kV

  • 10 channels scanning test (up to 9 cells)

  • 6 cells test < 1.5s

  • Maximum testable capacitance: ≥3kV@50nF

  • Four Terminal measurement

  • Contact check

  • Programmable test

  • USB-A for waveform and settings storage

  • USB-H, RS-232 I/F for remote control

  • Handler I/F for test automation

  • Multi-language user interface

  • Up to 200 test items of internal memory

  • Output Voltage : 0.1 ~ 6kV

  • Output for battery traceability


TC-SCT could actually help lead acid battery manufacturer for a more specific testing result and overcome critical issues which other controllers is unable competent.


For more details of Short Circuit Test controller TC-SCT, you are mostly welcome to visit TC Machinery at ABC exhibition during 4-6th of Sep at booth No.H68, or simply dropping inquiry on website: or FB:

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