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Single Arm Pneumatic Drop Test Machine

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  • Cushion packaging design, packaging material selection, packaging contend design, drop specifications test.

  • Option1: Clip-on fixture designed specifically for hand-held device testing.

  • Option2: digital control box, automatic lift control, can solve the problem of error resulted from observation of indicator more than 160cm test.

  • The swing arm system is controlled by the air pressure for fast and precise positioning. Maximum load: 65Kg, test height 30 - 160cm, swing arm platformsize 29x50cm, power requirements 220V 50 / 60Hz single-phase, air pressure requires more than 5kg / cm2.

  • Lifting method: using motor drive, height can be adjusted.

  • Test angle: angle, line and face of packaging container.

  • Micro-switch: upper and lower limits with micro-switch to prevent accidental operation of the impact, to protect the machine.

  • Tape measure: with 160cm long roll tape, and the indicator that can quickly see the actual scale movements.

  • Fall plates: the use of aluminum alloy material which does not rust, and falling noise is small.

  • Control button: The use of the button magnetic switch, only a light press on the DROP button, the plates can automatically fall, and can be adjusted up and down.

  • Leadscrew pole: the level of fall with round lead screw pole, can lift up and down vertically and smoothly.

  • Control box: The machine and the control box are separated and can be controlled in a safer way to prevent the operator from injury due to falling.

  • Grinding rod: The spindle withone ψ150 mm, which uses the grinding spindle, to prevent swinging from side to side.

  • Horizontal angle: There are four horizontal adjustable angles, with adjustable base level.

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