MCL Plus Series

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MCL Plus is the entry-level battery test system used by laboratory and startup companies. It offers experiment-grade output/measurement precision and rapid data recording that can help users evaluate battery performance. In additional to operate each channel independently, the system can support parallel connections among channels to increase the flexibility of current output. Equipped with user-friendly operating software, it is easy to operate and has advanced reporting and data analysis capabilities. With limited budget, the system is considered a good value

  • 0.03% voltage output accuracy; 0.04% current output accuracy.

  • 100ms data recording speed.

  • BMS data collector, auxiliary temperature, auxiliary voltage, chamber and other accessories are available.

SMBus, I2C, HDQ,

CANBus, ModBus

Advanced Data Analysis

With advanced data analysis feature, a variety of test data presentations could be adjusted according to the needs of researchers, such as text and graphical reports, self-defined X and Y-axis parameters on graphs and graphs zoom-in / zoom-out. It also helps researchers to easily analyze the data from cycle test. Data from each cycle can be superimposed and drew on a single chart to produce a lifecycle test report. Evaluating test results and finding variation are easy! Moreover, test data can be exported in csv format and manipulated in the third-party software that researchers are familiar with, improving the data usability.

SOH (State of Health) Evaluation

SOH evaluation feature helps researchers assess the SOH of used batteries in a more comprehensive way. Instead of solely capacity, 8 different parameters for battery cell/ 6 different parameters for battery pack are considered and measured while running SOH evaluation test, which provides a more precise result for researchers.

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