Fully Automatic Slitting Machine (TC-750)



  • System is using Mitsubishi PLC, Banner CCD, SMC pneumatic system, Mitsubishi inverter and servo on transmission.

  • Automatic Plate tension close-looped control makes high stability and accuracy

  • Slitting adjustment function to avoid material coating unevenness and rolling deformation

  • 130mm Dia. large cutter is using to bring better straightness

  • High speed slitting machinery, online speed adjustment, speed 0.5-50m/min, with adjustable speed at 0.1m/min

  • Burr < 10μ

  • Width precision ±0.05mm

  • Straightness is less than 0.05mm/m

  • No choppy grade on pole pieces

  • Wide range on thickness / width of slitting:  8-300μm

  • Accuracy 99.9%

  • cost effective, scrap range can be 1-2mm less